The 500 in 15 is a new marketing technique created by Alex Malave for those looking for ways to earn through marketing at home. The promise delivered by the formula is for anyone that purchases it; he or she can earn $500 in the first 15 days.

The idea behind this is that of affiliate marketing. This type of marketing can be called a home based business since it does not need any office or company to begin with. Malave states that people can actually succeed through the mechanism of affiliate marketing, given that the marketer posses the right tools, skills, techniques, and tricks of the trade in order for them to earn. So what is the secret behind affiliate marketing for it to work? The answer is online traffic.

Online traffic or traffic as most marketers would use implies the amount of visitors that move in and out of your site or blog. The higher the traffic that you generate, the more benefits it gives the marketer. First of all, it will help in propelling the product or site into top positions in search engines so that when a consumer types a keyword, your site will be one of the top ten sites that will be visited. The second benefit is that the larger the traffic in your system, the higher the probability that a consumer will purchase from you. The third is that with a higher traffic, a larger email list will be generated, and a more target consumer based system can be advertised to. And fourthly, with the more products sold, the larger the commission you get from it. The 500 in 15 comes in by delivering these results as it is a proven system that will generate traffic for you without you having to spend time and effort. For a few clicks and modifications, you can start the system running in under a few minutes in fully automated mode so that traffic generation is no longer a problem for you. It promises a steady increase if not a sustained traffic number, making sure that your site remains at the top in keyword research in search engines.

The product is sold for $47 with a 60 days money back guarantee. But Malave takes the offer higher by adding $100 to anyone who was not able to generate a first sale within the first ten days of using the product. For a product that does not involve product creation, website creation, and spending for traffic generation, it can be considered a good steal. In addition, the video tutorials are set in high definition for audio and video and the steps are discussed point by point that is easy to understand by remains comprehensive in detail.