The 5 Minute Membership Sites is a step by step guide by Justin Michie, which will teach you how to create Membership sites that will help you in making money online. It is advisable to beginners, since it does not require any previous experience in internet marketing, as well as any technical knowledge.

The first section of the 5 Minute Membership Sites will teach you how to create a domain name or website, an auto-responder, and steps on how to create your website’s content. When creating a website, Justin offers two ways. The first is the paid way, which you only need $13.00 to start. This startup up money is needed for purchasing your domain name, and paying for web hosting. If you don’t want to pay for a website, the system teaches you how to utilize free blog sites. Next, it will teach you how to use auto-responders, which are a good way to build an email list that you can use for future marketing. This section also gives you several websites where you can market your newly built site by posting free advertisements on several sites like Craigslist and USFreeads.

Once your website has been setup, the next step on the 5 Minute Membership Sites system will teach you how to create an auto-responder email membership program where you need to create content that you can send to all your members. Unlike other websites that create membership sites, this system will teach you how you can earn money by utilizing emails. You can do this by setting up your content distribution on appropriate dates, and giving the information to your select members. This section even discusses the ways and the frequency on how you can distribute your content, evaluating each style according to their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of this section you will also get tips on how much is the ideal pricing for your content.

Once your members and your distribution service are done, the system will teach you how to create content for distribution. It will give you tips on what type of informational products to focus on, and how to do them. The 5 Minute Membership Sites system encourages you to create information products, such as how to guides, to ensure that your members are finding your information useful. At this section, you will also learn ways on how you can check the best niche or topic that will pull in members, as well as how to create your content by exploiting other online resources.
The system will also teach you on how to define your target audience, giving you more opportunity on how you can maximize your earnings by learning how to make the best sales copy for a specific target market. It also details the 10 questions that you must always answer on your sales copy to ensure that your audience will appreciate your content. The last section of the system teaches you how to create your payment processing method, and how to make a proper thank you page.

The steps given above can be downloaded for free when you sign up in the 5 Minute Membership Sites website, but an automated process of the whole Membership system will be available starting November 15th.